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Getting Your PPC Campaign Started.

PPC Leaders provides each client with a highly converting landing page.  A landing page is the page that people get dropped on after they click on your ad.  A highly converting landing page (like the one we’ll create) with a video, will typically generate 2-3 times as many leads as a normal web site that has not been properly optimized for conversion.

The campaign set up fee is $2,000.  However, for a limited time period we are offering the Landing Page and the campaign set up for a total of $2,000.

A campaign may require up to 90 days to reach it’s optimum level.  Since we are a performance based company, we offer our clients the ability  to get our monthly fee refunded at the end of the 90 days if we do not reach the Return On Investment (ROI) that is agreed to with our client at the start of the AdWords Campaign.

Our monthly fee is a minimum $1,000 up to $5,000 per month on Ad spend, or 20% of the amount spent on ads above $5,000.  So, if your Ad spend is $10,000 for the month, then our fee would total $2,000 for the month.

Elements that go into your campaign:

1) We will be happy to create a mockup of what your landing would look like so you can see it ahead of time.

2) Keyword research.  We will do extensive keyword research to determine the best keywords for you to bid on.  We also look at what your top competitors are doing and will improve on what they have done.

3) We’ll use our knowledge to create a customized pay-per-click campaign with Google Adwords that will send higly qualified visitors to your high converting landing pages.

4) Split-Testing and continued improving of the campaign.  Our team will be split-testing multiple different ads in the first month to see which ad gets the most clicks.  This is one of the most important parts of the process.  A high converting ad may double the amount of leads you get over  low converting ad.

With better keywords, a better landing page, and with better ads than your competitors, you will be able to obtain a dominant market position and capture a lot of new leads (that turn into clients).

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