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Today’s technology allows anyone to say and print whatever is on their mind regardless if it is true or not.  Once it gets listed in Google it becomes very difficult to have it disappear from page one of Google.  But that is what we do!

Reputation Management

Today’s leaders know a thing or two about a good reputation.  Firstly, they know that building a strong one that people recognize and believe in takes time and effort.  And that effort requires a deliberate and proactive strategy.

They also know that one misstep can wreak havoc on an established reputation—something that can take years to repair, unless we have the assignment then it takes months rather than years.

So given the stakes involved, it should come as no surprise that organizations around the globe are increasingly focused on determining how to keep a stellar repurtation and if it is damaged, how to repair it.

Our Reputation Management Process:

1) We create a Major PR Google Push Weekly (4 times a month total) to the World’s Top News Publications.  This helps to push the negative information down on page one of Google.

2) Our team disseminate Positive information about you or your company to the World’s Top 500 News Sites, (The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MSNBC, CBS, NBC…etc.).

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3) We’ll create a new blog website that will be updated and Google indexed and link all of the links from step 2 to the new website and the appropriate keywords.

4) The PPC team will create and promote new Social Media channels and up coming events. Including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin

The process of replacing negative information with our new positive information can take from 3 to 6 months, however, most clients start seeing great results within 60 days.

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Project Terms: month -to-month basis  Cost: $3,000 monthly fee

100% Guaranteed!

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