Let Our Team Help Your Organization Secure $10,000 A Month in Google Advertising!

Google has a wonderful program of giving non-profits grants for as much as $40,000 per month in Google Adwords Marketing.  The initial grant could be for up to $10,000 per month and after six months if all of Googles guidelines have been met and the Adword campaign has been maximized then an application can be submitted for the Google Grantspro Program and if approved the monthly grant cap can be increased up to $40,000 per month.

PPC Leaders is proud to assist your non-profit by acting as your Google Adwords Liaison and assisting with the submission of all of the required information to Google and by managing your Adwords Campaign to insure that your organization gets the most benefit from each and every marketing dollar.

The proper management of an Adwords campaign is crucial to the success of meeting the specific goals of your 501(c)3 non-profit, whether it’s recruiting volunteers for a specific project or increasing donations for the organization or promoting a mission-based objective.  

Google receives over 90% of its revenue from Google Adwords.  Since Google Adwords  is a very competitive arena, it is important to have a professional team help your organization maximize its total return.

For more information on Google Adwords program please click here.  PPC Leaders will act as your Google Adwords liaison and submit all of the required information on your behalf for a set-up fee of $250 which is paid in advance by clicking Package #1 below:

We will waive the set-up fee if your organization signs a six month contract for us to manage your Google Adwords Campaign, after your Google Grant is approved.

Our monthly fee, which is paid at the beginning of the Adwords Campaign, is 20% of the monthly Google Grant.  So that if the monthly Google Grant is $10,000 then our fee would be $2,000.

It is possible for your organization to qualify for the Google Grant on your own without outside assistance. You could also manage your Adwords Campaign on your own.  However, I would very strongly suggest that you look at having a professional team manage your Adwords Campaign

As we all know it is very important to put your best foot forward, especially when we are trying to obtain a Google Grant for $10,000 a month.  Once your organization has completed the initial steps to be able to apply for the Grant itself, Google requires your organization to submit the 1st Adwords Campaign that you will use if  your organization is awarded the Grant.  Therefore, Google appears to be taking into consideration:

1) How well your organization sets up the campaign and therefore, whether your organization knows the rules and regulations of Adwords in general and specifically whether your Adwords Campaign adheres to the guideline of the Google Grant Program.  

2) Google will determine the value of the keywords that your organization uses in the ads that you write.   Extensive keyword research needs to be done prior to deciding on which keywords to use in your ads.  If the wrong keywords are used in the ads then your organization will not get the traffic you need to accomplish your goals.

3) Google gives a rating to the keywords that are used in Google Ads which is called a Quality Score.  The Quality Score is dependent on keywords, and the relevancy of the page that a searcher lands in addition the relevancy of the ad that is created.

4) The Quality Score determines the price that your organization will pay for the keywords that you use in your Google Ads. The higher your Quality Score the lower the  cost of your keywords, and therefore, the high Return On Investment and this is one of the best ways to maximize reaching the organizations goals.   

These are some of the factors that Google will review and if these and other factors do not meet Googles high standards, the probability of success in your organization winning a Google Grant will be minimal.  This is why a professional team is needed to increase your odds of being successful and receiving a Google Grant.

Hopefully, you will choose PPC Leaders to help with preparation of your submittal to the Google Grant Program, and the creation and management of your 1st Google Adwords Campaign.  Google Adwords requires very specific expertise.  Our team not only has the expertise but also proven experience.

The PPC Team looks forward to working with you and your organization and helping you achieve your goals through The Google Ad Grant Program.  Good Luck!

The PPC Leaders Team…..


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